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Customer Case

Raeder - elevating efficiency with Verified

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal services, Raeder law firm in Oslo found a strategic partner in Verified - a decision that transformed their operations and streamlined critical processes.

Raeder - elevating efficiency with Verified

Raeder opted for Verified at the outset of our venture into advanced solutions. The crucial choice was driven by the range of services provided by the comprehensive service offerings. Unlike alternatives providing singular solutions like signing or AML portals, Verified emerged as a complete package. This empowered Raeder to consolidate signing solutions, customer registration and anti-money laundering (AML) checks seamlessly within a singular, cohesive system.

Andrea Mortense, CFO at Raeder, sheds light on the impact of Verified on their day-to-day functions. Operating on the administrative front, Andrea highlights the transformative efficiency gained by encouraging users to submit traceable documentation promptly. This strategic move not only ensures the timely delivery of information, but also minimizes the need for extensive follow-ups, enabling the team to allocate more time to core responsibilities

“Some deliver a signing solution, some deliver an AML portal, while at Verified, we got a larger package. 
So, there we can have a signing solution, customer registration, 
and money laundering control in the same system.”

-Andrea Mortensen, CFO at Raeder

Before, Raeder witnessed manual processes, especially in document signing and AML checks. The absence of a digital signing solution meant resorting to traditional methods— mail or email. With Verified, a shift occurred. Documents are now signed digitally, efficiently tracked, and returned promptly, simplifying end-of-process documentation. And this impact extended to AML compliance, an area that demanded meticulous compilation of numerous documents for a comprehensive report. Verified not only documented and traced AML processes, but also presented them in a consolidated report.

The AML portal seamlessly integrates customer registration, KYC checks, ID verification, PEP, and sanction searches. This consolidated solution simplifies AML compliance for Ræder, ensuring a smooth process for every transaction.

Acknowledging Verified as a highly user-friendly system, Ræder appreciates its self-explanatory interface. The intuitiveness of the platform empowered them to create tailored user manuals. With assistance from Verified, the platform was customized to meet the firm's specific needs during the onboarding process.

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