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2012 marked the beginning of Verified's exciting journey. Since then, our passion has been to leverage existing technology to develop and create smart workflows that streamline businesses' critical processes. It all started with solutions for electronic signing and identification. And then, in close collaboration with our customers, evolved workflows and solutions for the important work with anti-money laundering and third-party assessment. This evolution made us the RegTech company we are today.

Our company culture is built upon the shared ambition of shaping Verified's future. We collectively take ownership of our commitments, ensuring we deliver on our promises both internally and externally in our customer partnerships. Our values have been instrumental in our journey up to this point, and we recognize their continued importance as we strive for even greater heights.

Key milestones in our company's history include:

Spring 2023: We secured an investment from Verdane, a leading venture capital firm, while simultaneously acquiring Assently, a pioneer in e-signature and eID solutions. Later in the spring, we further strengthened our market position by acquiring Pliance, a robust product company renowned for its modern AML automation solutions.
Spring 2024: We acquired GRC WATCH, a RegTech company with a portal for Due Diligence, i.e. third-party assessments.

Our team consists of dedicated colleagues across the Nordic region and Europe, united in their commitment to developing a strong product portfolio and building close customer relationships. Together, we are eager to continue shaping the future of efficiency and compliance for our customers.



In the Nordics and Europe - Sweden, Norway, Finland and Romania.


SEK Turnover

For the year of 2023 - this year we are eager to continue our incredible growth journey.



In the Nordics and EU who value our focus on boosting their compliance and efficiency.


Third-party integrations

We integrate with leading CRM and HR systems, business systems for the regulatory industry, and our customers' own tools.

I have the opportunity to work with skilled colleagues who are located in different offices and across borders. I’m very happy that Verified places a strong emphasis on a good working environment and room for personal growth, which is also aligned with the company’s growth.
Dinh Vo
Solution Manager, Verified
"Working at Verified is both enjoyable and developing. The company operates in an exciting industry with significant potential, and there is big potential for personal growth. There are numerous opportunities to develop and occasions to take your own initiatives to thrive."
Elin Jönsson
Junior Controller, Verified
I want to build a strong team at Verified and we are always looking for talents that are true builders. Our journey is not just about having a good time; it’s about being an important part of an extraordinary team dedicated to achieving excellence in our industry.
Tommy Jarnemark
CEO, Verified Group
The highlights of working in verified are the opportunities for professional development as well as being surrounded by a great team of people who will push you to embark on new and challenging adventures.
Asther Lattouf
Onboarding Specialist, Verified
Join Verified

We are constantly looking for new talents to join us along the way. Talents like you.

We create trust

Trust is important to us. From day one our growth has been about providing value and creating trust to our customers - as well as to each other.

Supported by a team

Independent of which role you will take on and what competence and experiences you will bring to the team - we will be here to support you. Because we truly believe in the people at Verified. Our promise is to help you grow and in return we want you to make us even better. It's a team effort!

Modern technical stack

We truly have a passion for perfection. The team and platform are characterized by a high technical competence and a modern technical stack, allowing for the continuous development and improvement of our products in order to continually exceed our customers’ expectations.