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Q4 Næringsmegling - simplifying daily operations with Verified

The Norwegian company, Q4 Næringsmegling, utilizes Verified’s platform to meet the requirements of anti-money laundering legislation, addressing actions against money laundering and terrorist financing. 

Efficiency and Ease Amplified

Q4 Næringsmegling specializes in brokering and leasing commercial properties in Norway. With a focus on the Vestfold and Telemark regions, the company handles a wide array of properties, ranging from offices and warehouses to retail spaces and plots.

The Anti-money laundering act enforces that real estate brokers possess a thorough knowledge of their clients to combat financial crime. Heidi Sannes, Compliance Manager at Q4 Næringsmegling, explains further:

There’s a substantial amount of information to gather and document. Verification of PEPs (politically exposed persons), performing assessment of beneficial owners, transaction purposes, fund origins and much more. 

To simplify processes and save time, Q4 Næringsmegling has transitioned to Verified’s cloud-based portal for anti-money laundering and electronic signature services.

Everything becomes more streamlined, and we have all documentation collected in one place. Verified simplifies our processes through electronic signatures and authentication via BankID. We can document the gathered information in a digital report.

Heidi Sannes explains further why Verified’s solution was chosen:

We assessed several different providers but opted for Verified due to their personal engagement and great follow-up. Our dialogue was close and clear, and their internal setup provided us with solid answers and assistance.

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Simpler routine and swift feedback

What outcomes have you observed from implementing electronic signatures and Verified’s AML portal? 

It simplifies our daily operations. When the brokers started using Verified’s solution, it proved to be easier than they anticipated. Gathering information is faster, and we have it all in one place. The collaboration has been exceptional. We receive swift feedback and a responsive provider. Their service level surpasses any of our other suppliers. 

Heidi Sannes recommends Verified to other companies in need of electronic signatures and customer verification to combat money laundering: 

Their solutions are relatively easy to use. The service and support are world-class, and there’s also room for developing and customizing the system based on the company’s desires and needs. 

Thomas Horntvedt, Customer Success Manager at Verified, holds an incredibly positive view of the partnership with Q4:

They’re engaged and maintain an active dialogue with the aim of achieving the best outcomes for their company, clients and for us. Their suggestions for improvements allow us to further enhance our solutions. 

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